Mountain & Moon | Rainbow Necklace | Link Chain

$122.50 $245.00

Is there anything more naturally fabulous than a rainbow? Those gorgeous colours on a  dreary day, oh nature you big show off! A rainbow is often a sign of hope, beauty after the storm, a pot of gold, and good fortune at the end. Rainbows are seen as signs of good luck and that good news is on the way.  Mountain & Moon created this very stunning Rainbow charm so that you can feel uplifted at all times, and remember that on the other side of a storm is often a Rainbow, so don't let the bad times get you down honey! Something great is on the way <3

We, at Bella Frock, love the Rainbow Necklace in Link Chain by Mountain & Moon. This charm comes with a small Linking Hoop that can be attached to chain links, worn on a thin pendant chain, or directly inserted in the ear as a sleeper to be worn as a single earring or pair of earrings. This charm is encrusted with multi-coloured high quality pave Cubic Zirconia crystals on one side, and texturally embossed in gold on the other side, so it can be worn either way for desired effect. 


- High quality micron 24K gold plating to premium jewellery standards 
- Multi-coloured Cubic Zirconia Stones 
- Brass base metal
- Lead & Nickel free
- Designed in Australia to original Mountain & Moon designs & created by artisans of India in a Responsible Jewellery Council ethically certified factory.


36mm length
44mm total length including Linking Hoop
25mm total width

Single charm weight including Linking Hoop: 3.93g