Me369 | Gabriella Bib Front Shirt | Graffiti

By Me369

Introducing the Gabriella Bib Front Shirt in Graffiti by Me369 – a bold statement piece that exudes personality and flair. With its mixed-pattern bib-front and vibrant colors, this shirt captures attention effortlessly.

Bella Frock loves the captivating combination of tigers and feathers, while the bib boasts charming cherries, creating a playful contrast. Long sleeves adorned with contrasting cuffs and diagonal stripes add dynamic detail.

The back, boldly emblazoned with "FEELING Chill", further enhances its unique charm. Crafted from 100% viscose, this shirt ensures both style and comfort.


  • 100% Viscose
  • Mixed pattern bib-front
  • V-neck Long sleeves with contrasting cuffs
  • Main body of the top has tigers and feathers
  • Bib is cherries
  • Sleeves have diagonal stripes
  • Back reads “FEELING Chill”
  • Features tiger graphic print along with lots of other print
  • Vibrant colors