Amber Sceats | Casablanca Earrings


Add a charming addition to your jewellery collection with the Amber Sceats Casablanca Earrings. Featuring a waterfall of freshwater pearls. Style these with your hair behind ears to keep these striking earrings in focus.

10cm in length, width2cm
24k gold plated brass, freshwater pearls.

The Amber Sceats collection is designed in Australia utilising the highest quality of jewellery craftsmanship. Our pieces are destined to live a long life if they are carefully taken care of. We recommend against wearing your jewellery while bathing and having your jewellery come into contact with chemicals such as perfume, lotions, hairspray & cleaning products. Avoid wearing jewellery whilst swimming or bathing.

After wear, please ensure jewels are stored in a safe, dry place that is preferably flat, out of direct light, free from moisture and away from any extreme heat. Please ensure each piece is stored separately, to prevent any scratching or rubbing from contact with other jewels.